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Dolphin has been created and conceived by the enterprising, motivated and inspired group of professionals coming from across the various disciplines like Information Technology to Finance and from Administration to Trade.

#Honesty - Integrity - Professionalism - Technical Excellence - Analytical Rigor#


We will not 'push' a product or service based on the sales benefit it may bring to us. All recommendations will be made on the basis of best-practices design and best-fit equipment specifications.


When we work as a sub-contractor or we're introduced to a new client through an existing business relationship (or as a sales lead) we're acutely aware of the need to respect the rights of all.


When we create a design we expect that the coverage we predict will be the coverage that's measured once the system is installed. If it's not, we will not charge additional design or consulting fees.


Our pricing structure for design and consulting work is based on square footage (or quarter-square-miles outdoors). We have quantified standard design and consulting services.

about Dolphin

Dolphin is an Information Technology company engaged in providing Software, Network and Virtualization Solution. We pride ourselves on always delivering quality service and providing excellent customer experience at all levels of our company.

Why Dolphin

Dolphin is an experienced player in the Information Technology marketplace. You can trust our credibility and expertise. The key deciding factors in favor of selecting Dolphin as your trusted resource for design, consulting, equipment, configuration and staging, installation and support.

what we do

Dolphin delivers secure, reliable and cost effective Solutions in Internet Lease line, Bandwidth Management, Wireless Internet Service Providing Setups & Software development for Mobile and Web based environment.

our history

Dolphin delivers secure, reliable and cost effective wireless broadband solutions in Wardha city that quickly connect numerous locations.

our values

M-mitra Complaint Registration - Register your complaint to Municipal Council / Corporation by just a message along with picture and location.

We at Dolphin work for making world a better place to live and life a beautiful experience of humanity. We can make this happen by trying to reduce or remove the stress buildups, existing at different work life. Alternatively we are trying to make this by increasing the comfort through our efforts.

Due to the inherent vibrancy in the trade and industry in general and Information Technology sector in particular, it has been a basic and vital factor to have a long term view and focus of the work horizon. Dolphin is established to provide solutions without compromise of the quality and sticking to high ethical work culture.

The world in which we do business is changing rapidly. We are responding by increasing the speed and vigor of management to get the best out of Dolphin, the technological and product development. Through proactive management, we aim to achieve further growth with enhanced profitability and greater financial robustness. Out target is growth through creativity and innovation - to achieve business expansion primarily by creating new value and pioneering new markets, by combining technologies and intellectual property drawn from cross company business fields and achieving synergies.

Kunal Raut

Managing Director,
Dolphin Logic Systems

Services we offer

Dolphin Logic Systems Provide good services and customer help related Networking and software.

Software development

Make our life easy, and save your time. Make our life easy, and save your time.

Video Conferencing Services

Easymeeting™ is an innovative and complete set of IP based solution designed and developed

Bandwidth Management and Security Solution (BMSS)

BMSS is the complete tool for anyone wanting to manage Bandwidth & Network security.

Business Lease Line

Internet Lease Line service that is affordable, reliable and secure.

WiFi Services

wireless network engineering technologies and the advances in data connectivity through the portable system.

e - commerce solutions

Comming soon ...

Client's testimonials

Satisfaction with M-Mitra Application for Civilian Complaints.

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m - Mitra

Civilian Complaints

Civilian can register complaint, View complaint status ... Etc.


Help to Administrate Municipal council or corporation for civilian complaints, complaints Management easily and effectively.

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Darshan Raut


we got skills


Mobile App


Web Service




Security Services

.Core Features of
school Diary


Help to administrate school Management easily and effectively.


Parent can more attention on his child and his activities.


Co-ordinate between school adminsration and parent.

the work

Be Safe - Get connected with Emergency Services, like Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Blood Bank Etc..







School Diary

School Diary

School Diary

School Diary

School Diary

School Diary


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